The great CFO and businessman, Jerry York, said that the key reason for his success was his striving to always get two things for the price of one. That wise counsel was taken to heart here at our precious metals group with our collections of investment jewelry, our precious metal corporate recognition series and our customizable precious metals IRA products.

Our investment jewelry was inspired by the time-honored mariner tradition of always wearing a little wealth with you in case of emergency. It is the principle reason why both sailors and pirates wore gold as jewelry in case of shipwreck, needing rescue or buying their way into a safe harbor.

Words of encouragement are always welcome in the workplace. Actions are laudable. The gift of gold/silver/platinum pack a powerful punch in giving meaning to kind words.

And to those investors who believe in diversifying their financial risk should also consider their jurisdictional risk. A qualified IRA in precious metals can be held in legal jurisdictions with long histories of dedication to the rule of law. This mitigates counter-party risk as well as unlawful seizure.

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