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Clever pirates, sailors and mariners always wore a part of their treasure with them. Shipwrecked? Stranded? A little silver. A bit of gold. The ultimate lifeboat. Before making a career move into the lucrative maritime trade, get your wearable silver, gold and platinum gear here.

Sourced from authorized distributions such as Banco Azteca, and established precious metals dealers, our holders are custom made by experienced sterling artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. No two holders are identical. Our artisans love a challenge and stand ready to create a custom design to hold your special treasure.

Be a pirate. Be a mariner. Be that high-seas adventurer. Wear part of your treasure. Enjoy it. Feel it. Love it. It loves you back when you most need it. We repurchase what we sell and price our products on the spot prices on the day of the transaction.

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